Why are we OnTheEdge?

Edgy political blog providing thought-provoking political commentary. The political views of this website are neither red nor blue but instead reflect a growing dissatisfaction with both political parties. I believe that the party extremes, Occupiers on one side and Tea Party folks on the other, are destroying our country. We need to awaken Nixon’s silent majority and take our country back. Many Americans have either lost their jobs or are in danger of doing so, they have either lost their homes or are in danger of doing so and they have lost faith in their government’s ability to govern. Our children are left saddled with college loans that are in default because they can’t get a job, our pensions are in danger due to a volatile stock market and a failing economy and the American Dream seems almost unachievable for the next generation. Whether you agree or not, please comment on the articles. We need to have a dialog in this country that unites and does not divide. Only by discussing our differences and recognizing our common ground, will we save our nation.



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